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          1. What We do
            Our company was set up in 1998 in Xiamen City. It is one of the most professional exporters of shoes in China
            For placing orders, making a consultation, negociatating any details, handling complaints, please contact us.
            Our designersOur R&D department was founded in 2003. We have a professional designer team and a high-efficient sample making team. And we have established a stable relationship with the material suppliers.
            Professional FactoryWe have been in shoes industry for over 21 years. So we have already gained very high reputation in Jinjiang and Zhejiang area. We keep seeking for more strong factories to fit the need of the increasing orders.
            Good ProductWe are the supplier of some famous brands for many years, such as Fila / Spalding / Kangaroos /Bata / Diadora and so on.
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